The original crystals Swarovski Strass

crystals. Pavè di cristalli strass originali Swarovski

The original Swarovski strass, or Swarovski crystal enriches the clothing, footwear or article of leather, and makes them uniques. The facets of Austrian crystals reflect light and natural colors. There are different types of crystals rhinestones to be used in embroidery: fusible, studs and loose to assemble by hand. The experience gained over the years, allows us to use different techniques for applying these precious materials on embroideries, dresses, pants, bags, etc. We work both on the finished garment and on parts of it. We work with designers to make true your wishes and ideas and, with other companies, optimizing production processes, and having always a quality at the top

Applicazione di Strass Swarovski con la tecnica degli ultrasuoni. Swarovski strass
Applicazione di Strass Swarovski con la tecnica degli ultrasuoni. Swarovski strass. Swarovski strass

Thanks to our ultrasonic machines, we can embellish any garment, even if made with very thin and delicate fabrics. If you have the need to embellish a product with Swarovski, or with studs and other original accessories, you can contact us and we will give you the necessary assistance. We create the first prototypes, samples and production. Each customer has its own needs, and we with our professionalism we try to characterize the product at best.

Applicazione di castoni a mano
Applicazione di castoni a mano. Swarovski strass

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