Special embroidery: Taping and Cornely

Special embroidery. broderie spéciale.Esempio di ricamo Speciale Cornely su abito. Ricami speciali

Our special embroidery reproduces techniques and stitch types, ancient, manuals and extremely difficult to achieve as the Cornely chain stitch. Now with multi-head embroidery machines and multi-function machines, you can play them perfectly.

Our modern multifunctional multi-head embroidery machines reproduce the craftsmanship of the past as the cornely chain stitch and manuals stitches, faithfully. With the terms in special stitch embroidery we mean a whole series of techniques that belong to craftsmanship of the past: cordel, chain, Cornely, coiling, taping, cording, zigzag, point sponge, point carpet, needled, smock stitch and other. The experience, research and development and the know-how allow us to be able to respond to any needs of our customers.Our reality fits your needs, and it works in team with your company.

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