Handmade embroideries and Industrial embroideries

Ricami a mano e ricami industriali

There are many kinds of embroideries, handmade embroideries and industrial embroideries, which require different techniques and experiences. We can create handmade embroideries, which require the application of materials from a wide variety: pearls, baguettes, fabrics of different variety, bead embroidery bezel, precious stones, precious yarns like silk and cachemire. These embroideries require the manual skill and years of experience to give a touch of craftsmanship to a such import item of clothing.

This is the ideal for luxury brands and top brands, that express emotions with their unique products. Handmade embroideries are objects from the past. Only thanks to the dexterity of expert embroiderers, we can play with hand embroidery, real works of art applied to clothing and fashion accessories

Thanks to our advanced technologies, we also offer industrial embroidery service, which involves the use of automated machinery. Using embroidery machines is ideal for productions, which require that the final product is completely uniform, with tight time and cost. We take care about the realization of embroidery samples,from graphic drafts or projects, until the production. Our offices are available to customers to view our samples made for demonstration purposes.


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