Embroidery tape modular or continuous

Embroidery tape. Bandes brodées. Nastro ricamato con macchina da ricamo in continuo. Embroidered Ribbons

Embroidery tape are used both in clothing and in leather goods in general and in small leather goods; They can beautify a pants, a dress or a leather bag.

Our modern technologies allow us to create patterns and designs, modular or continuous.

The Embroidery tape can be of any fabric and material, even in genuine leather. The taped leather is widely used in the footwear and leather goods. Printed tapes, jacquard, elastic for use as hems or as applique works and inserts.

The cotton tape for example is ideal for articles to be dyed, and the polyester or viscose yarns can give spectacular results when dyed. In addition, the cotton allows you to create a single tape that once dyed, goes well with all colors.

With embroidery machines, we can realize both custom-made ribbons, cut and laser-welded, both continuous tapes to be used for various applications. The only limit is the imagination, and we have to sell!

After years of industry experience, and thanks to fruitful collaborations with leading partners, we can provide any fabric or leather taped in modules or continuous bobbins.

For more information about Embroidered Ribbons and Tapes, please contact us for a consultation, and we will propose the ideal solution to your needs and at the right price.

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