Digital prints and embroideries.

Impression numérique. Calzature stampate in digitale

Digital printing is the real innovation applied to the world of embroidery. The new technology merges the ancient art of embroidery to create the unique and revolutionary creations. The high-definition digital printing gives the embroidery a modern look that makes possible a perfect image quality. Every detail, logo and modern patterns to customize clothes or leather accessories.

The water-based inks are taken on fabrics or on the leather, giving the colors a luster and a never before seen detail.
Top brands love this new technology in recent years has found that the market is in the leather fashion and accessories.

From today we can use colors and various patterns on a multitude of products: handbags, shoes, clothing and small leather goods.

If you want to give a new look and renew your collections, without renouncing the use of precious and refined materials such as genuine leather, digital printing combined with embroidery is your solution.

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