Clothing Hang tags, Custom Clothing Tags

Clothing Hang Tags. Étiquettes volantes,Etichette tessute, ricamate e stampate per felpe, t-shirt e capi d'abbigliamento ed altro

Clothing Hang tags for footwear leather goods, Jeans or clothing in general, from simple accessory cardboard showing some technical details and price, has been gradually gaining more and more importance. Today is a key element in the product. Tags are fashion accessory in its own right and must be treated in detail. Clothing Hang Tags are important for any fashion item of clothing, because in addition to their function, they represent the brand and the product philosophy.

It can be elegant and rich or just minimal or vintage. The important thing is to reflect the idea of the product and its style.

We use the cards, cartoons, and the most rare and exclusive materials. With our printing and embroidery machinery, we print them, embroider them, assemble them, rivet them, we subject them to processes that modify and improve the appearance by making them vintage. Washing stone-wash, swimming in tea or coffee, wax coatings and abrasions are just a few of these exclusive treatments.

Below are presented some examples of various kinds: for clothing in general, footwear and leather goods. The aging of the cards and the leather is carried out also with the help of washing machines and dryers, along with the enzymes that replicate about cards the wear of time. With embroidery on, it gives the product a handmade look, which reproduces the old style of the ancient “Jeans shops” and “Telerias” of yesteryear.


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