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Experience and expertise. Leader in the world of Embroidery.
Experience and expertise. Leader in the world of Embroidery.

Ricamificio Marini works since 1986 in the Garment Industry, particularly in the field of embroidery, labels and accessories for fashion. He creates and designs leather goods and advanced materials, ideal for Casual wear and luxury Brands. Born in ’86 as a craft of embroidery by the Marini’s family, she he grown steadily over time, thanks to the R&S and continuous technological updating of production techniques.
In 2000 it was the first company in Abruzzo to use the Laser technology for embroidery.
In 2010 he published a European patent regarding the application of Strass Swarovski.
In 2012, the Founder Mr. Franco Marini received the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Abruzzese.
In 2012, he registred several brands under which distributes worldwide luxury accessories.
In 2013 he created fashion accessories brand called We Positive which currently has a network of over 2,500 stores in 33 countries (see the news).

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